Devil Cookies


Devil Fruit is a 70% indica strain bred by Medical Seed Co. through crossing Shiskaberry and Great White Shark. This high-CBD Spanish strain is sweet and spicy in flavor and delivers a light cerebral stimulation followed by comfortable full-body effects. Outdoor Devil Fruit plants finish in the first half of October while indoor gardens flower in about 65 days.

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Devil Cookies cannabis strain by NG Seeds is a 70/30 Indica dominant hybrid. Big, compact buds smell of very aromatic fresh mint leaves mixed with chocolate chips. This is one of the most popular strains in Spanish dispensaries. Ideal for evening usage. Buy Devil Cookies Here

Type of High

Devil Cookies cannabis strain’s high will make you feel completely at ease and relaxed, like you’re floating on a Tempurpedic cloud.

Uses of Devil Cookies.

  • Helps in lack of appetite.
  • Its a very good strain for insomnia
  • So far,  Devil Cookieshas been approved and confirmed by so many as a good strain for chronic pain.
  • Also good for stress. Buy Devil Cookies online – Devil Cookies – Medical marijuana.
Lineage: Devil Cookies cannabis strain is a cross between Nightmare Cookies and Mint Chocolate Chip cannabis strains.

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